The Top Ten Blooming Trees

  1. Flowering Crabapple: Flowers of white pink or deep crimson change into dainty fruits in yellow, orange, maroon or red.
  2. Magnolia: Blooms in white, pink, yellow, and purple.
  3. Carolina Silverbell: Some people believe this folklore that fairies come by to ring its elegant white or rose bell-shaped blossoms.
  4. Japanese Tree Lilac: It releases a sweet scent from its cone shaped panicles of ivory blooms.
  5. Yellowwood: Produces delicate, fragrant white blossoms.
  6. Apple Serviceberry: Produces bird attracting berries, spring blooms become red-purple edible fruits.
  7. Eastern Redbud: It has rose purple blossoms that hang from the branches of this N. American native well before heart shaped leaves appear.
  8. Japanese flowering cherry: with the right cultivar, these gorgeous pink or white blooms turn into fruits that common song birds. Such as Robins, Cardinals and Waxwings crave.
  9. Dogwood: These colorful red fruits are gorged on by feathered friends.
  10. White fringe tree: The female species of this tree produces blue fruits that birds love.