Suggested ways to attract birds to your backyard:

  1. All birds need clean water, food and shelter.
  2. If you are new to this exciting and educational calling (bird watching) take the time to research a good field guide (s).
  3. Learning about the different bird foods. Remember different foods attract many many different feathered friends.
  4. DIY (Do it yourself) projects can save you monies, gas and aggravation looking for that perfect one: Feeder, houses or bird baths, and remember you get to decorate your projects with style.
  5. Tall shrubs ten to fifteen feet high invite birds like cardinals and blue jays to build habitats/nests in the foliage ie leaves.
  6. Remember if you are able and it's not an inconvenience leave your bushes bushy. Note if you don't have a backyard you might want to purchase shrubbery and flowers to attract birds, and you can use planters as well.
  7. Insects: remember do not use chemicals to rid your yard of pesky bugs. because many birds eat them.
  8. Bird cleanliness: Remember to keep the bird feeders clean because a dirty feeder or a home can collect mold, mildew and other bacteria that can be deadly to your birds.
  9. Take time to research native plants and trees as birds are attracted to flowering plants that provide nectar and seeds.
  10. One easy way to assist mother birds is to leave out crushed baked egg shells which provide a good healthy calcium boost.
  11. By doing these simple tasks will keep birds happy and coming back and/or staying in your yard and also aid in the bird storing fat cells to assist in their migratory period (s).
  12. Remember a happy and healthy bird makes a happy and healthy birder.